Customer Service Centres reopening

Customer service centres reopening

Many have been going digital for their council services for the past year and as we emerge into the post-covid world, it’s highly likely this will continue to be the case moving forward. Councils will need to adapt to citizens’ expectations for ‘on-demand’ digital services – with this in mind, a combined approach of both physical contact centres alongside a digital offering will be the leading model for many local authorities.

This hybrid approach will be paramount for customer service centres, where maintaining face-to-face support for those in need is key. Keeping face-to-face contact to a minimum will continue to ensure the safety of staff and citizens as a priority as we move out of lockdown. 

ScanStation is a self-service digital customer contact centre tool that bridges the gap between a full digital self-service offering and more traditional customer services approaches.

ScanStation provides citizens with the ability to self-serve their document evidence submission. It removes high levels of contact whilst speeding up the scanning process – making it quicker for citizens and allowing staff to focus on those most in need. ScanStation enables a safe return to work for staff and provides citizens with a contact centre service, whilst ensuring that the safety of all is paramount. 

Working cohesively alongside ScanStation, MyScan allows citizens to scan their documents at home or on-the-go, sending them straight into the relevant back office systems. MyScan reduces the amount of unnecessary visits to customer service centres, providing citizens with an efficient way to document evidence and staff with more time to deal with those most in need.

This approach will ensure that safety measures and other key benefits remain in place such as:

  • Safe social distancing
  • Self-service reduces face-to-face contact
  • Quick and simple document scanning, reducing queues and providing a per scan saving of £3.66
  • Reduction in staff handling documents and devices easy to clean, lowering the risk of cross-contamination
  • Ability to support any council service with a scanning requirement
  • Frees up frontline staff to support other important safety measures
  • MyScan module supports citizens to self-scan their evidence on their own devices
  • Integrates with all associated back office systems

You can find out more about ScanStation by requesting a demo with an expert.

Customer service centres reopening

ScanStation at Kirklees Council

Customer service centres reopening

ScanStation at Salford Council, rebranded by Salford as Scan Zone

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