Our Income Maximisation module perfectly complements BetterCare Finance by delivering a personalised list of applications for users to independently maximise their income. This module combines both nationally and locally administered benefits which feature adviser-led guidance and assistance tools throughout. There is an optionally built-in benefits calculator, recommended by the DWP.

Users will only see the forms where they are likely to be successful, leading to better results. This information is provided within the BetterCare Finance platform, meaning that users are able to complete their financial assessment for care and maximise their income, all in one place. The platform is layered with information and guidance throughout to support those completing forms, significantly increasing the potential for a positive outcome.

In addition to the module ensuring Local Authorities are meeting their Care Act obligations, access to a full analytics portal is also provided to help identify how citizens are using the service to improve their financial situation. These statistics also cover those that don’t qualify for direct financial support.


Care Act compliant.

Entitlement-driven digital forms.

Full remote accessibility for users.

Guidance and advice throughout, written by benefit advisers.

Accessible user experience.

Seamless integration with backend systems.

Pre-populating forms using stored information.

Optionally built-in benefits calculator.

self-serve platform

Processes nationally and locally administered benefit claims digitally and remotely.


Local Authorities can see how people who need support/care are improving their finances through using the platform.

pre-populated forms

Ensures efficiency by pre-populating forms using stored information.

expert guidance throughout

Virtual guidance throughout, written by social care professionals. Digital support is available in the form of virtual chat, video and screen sharing.

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