BetterCare Finance

Digitising the process of financial assessments for care

BetterCare Finance is a web platform that supports people going through the process of financial assessments for care. It allows users to remotely complete their own assessments, while ensuring transparency, clarity and simplicity throughout. BetterCare Finance features over 20 easy-to-understand animations to guide users through their financial assessment, helping with understanding and answering the questions. Users are guided through the self-assessment forms and can upload evidence to support their claims. BetterCare Finance can be tailored to your organisation to reflect local processes and needs.

The technology frees up resources to allocate to the most vulnerable and complex cases, ensuring they get the attention and assistance they need. This means that the majority of people self-serve, and those that can’t do not fall through the net.

BetterCare: Financial Assessment screenshot


Aligned with forthcoming legislation changes.

Full digital form for financial assessment for care.

100% accurate to local charging rule bases, down to the pounds and pence.

Guidance and advice from social care professionals.

Full remote accessibility for users.

Dynamic and secure evidence upload.

Flexible approach to DREs.

Accessible user experience.

Fully integrated with Mosaic.

Integration support for a range of other back-office systems.

Over 20 animations to guide users through their financial assessment.

Pre-populating forms using stored information.

Outcomes and Savings

Keep pace with expected increase in assessment caseloads.

Reduction in reliance on home visits.

Greatly reduced rate of failed care packages.

Fewer drop outs and duplication of applications.

Reduces staff time spent processing and scanning evidence.

Reduces backlog and financial care assessment processing times.

Resources can be reallocated to vulnerable and complicated cases.

ROI calculator available to show potential savings.

Partnered with Access Group

self-serve platform

Processes nationally and locally administered benefit claims digitally and remotely.

pre-populated forms

Ensures efficiency by pre-populating forms using stored information.

co-working option

Allows co-working on forms when delegates are given a one-time pin code to access form.

expert guidance throughout

Virtual guidance throughout, written by social care professionals. Digital support is available in the form of virtual chat, video and screen sharing.

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