Allow Citizens to Access ScanStation Anywhere, Anytime

MyScan is available as an extension to ScanStation. The browser based web-app allows citizens to access ScanStation from their home or on the go, reducing the reliance on Customer Service Centres for Local Authorities. MyScan is a fully branded and mobile web app designed for use on multiple device types and browsers. MyScan replicates intuitive ScanStation user experience for customers to use on their own personal device.


scan at home or on the go

MyScan allows citizens to scan and upload their document evidencing from multiple devices at home or on the go.

intuitive experience

MyScan replicates the intuitive ScanStation experience

fully branded

MyScan is designed cohesively with the ScanStation app and as such, is branded to each Local Authority.

browser based web-app

MyScan is a browser based web-app, allowing all device types to easily access the platform.

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