Care reforms postponed

After much talk, Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt announced on Thursday that the care reforms, due to take effect in October 2023, have been postponed for 2 years.

Jeremy Hunt said the social care sector will receive increases in funding of up to £2.8 billion next year and £4.7 billion the following year. It will enable an estimated 200,000 more care packages to be delivered, he said, calling the investment the “biggest increase in funding under any Government, of any colour, in history”.

Whilst we are disappointed that the benefits of this care reform will not be realised next year – it does relieve pressure and provide time for councils to consider ways to address other areas of significant challenges that adult social care is currently facing. It is vital that the momentum for change is not lost – a delay in the reforms presents an opportunity to bring forward others.

  • Empowering individuals to self-serve where possible

With an all time high of people needing adult social care mixed with significant workforce shortages, providing the means for individuals to self-serve will enable a more efficient process, benefiting both staff and citizens.

  • Digital transformation

Coronavirus has already radically reshaped the role of technology in adult social care. Digital transformation can dramatically improve the quality and safety of care.

  • Waiting times

There remain tens of thousands waiting for care and support. By providing self-service digital platforms, local authorities can begin to address the issue of waiting times – the latest ADASS survey shows that over 500,000 people are already waiting for an assessment or review of their needs.

We were expecting (or at least planning for) this decision, Looking Local remains engaged in providing social care technology services that improve areas that present challenges.

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Adult Social Care reform online event BetterCare Finance

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