Unpaid Carers Support - Updates from Bridgit Care

Unpaid Carers Support - Updates from Bridgit Care

Bridgit Care is an organisation that helps unpaid carers across the UK. Bridgit Care are committed to providing innovative solutions that make a real difference in the lives of carers and the individuals they support. 

Looking Local’s focus is very much on putting service users at the heart of their adult social care journey – and enabling them to access their care services digitally, from their initial care and support assessment through to their resulting care plan – all within a digital front door.

Bridgit Care’s Digital Carer Support Service interfaces with Looking Local’s digital care and support self-assessment platform, BetterCare Support, ensuring that both the individual and their carer are able to access the care and support they need. 

There are some compelling developments from Bridgit Care that demonstrate positive change in the caregiving landscape with plenty of opportunities for councils to get involved, so please do get in touch if any of these updates interest you.

Unpaid carers self-assessments - Innovate UK funding

Unpaid Carers Support - Updates from Bridgit Care

Our partners at Bridgit Care are delighted to announce that they have been awarded funding from Innovate UK to enhance their Carers Assessments service.

With the funding from this award, the team have worked with Dorset Council to develop an online self-assessment that allows carers to easily complete a carers assessment and submit it to their local authority.  This self-assessment platform ensures that unpaid carers receive the support for their individual needs and circumstances.

The Carers Assessments service has already had a positive reception in Dorset’s caregiving community, and we are looking to speak to councils who would like a demo. This is a great chance to view forward-thinking new ways of providing support for unpaid carers and reducing the pressure on staff.

Front door automation - AI powered chat personas for local authorities

With a vision of creating a more accessible and user-friendly support system for carers, Bridgit Care has successfully deployed new AI-powered chat personas for local authorities. These virtual assistants enable clients to self-serve and gain instant access to support from councils 24/7. This technology reduces the demand on front door teams and allows them to refocus their efforts on providing personalised assistance to clients who require more support.

We are actively seeking initial council partners to validate and test this technology. If your council is interested in streamlining support services and increasing efficiency, please do get in touch to find out more.

Carers Card - Empowering Carers Across the UK

Together with Forward Carers, Bridgit Care proudly introduces the UK-wide free Carers Card initiative. This digital card serves as a proof of identification for carers and grants them access to exclusive discounts.

This is a free service, available to carers across the UK. We are looking for councils to promote this within their region. 

This will be rolled out and made available to all carers throughout August, to access via the free online solution at https://bridgit.care/support

Global Expansion - Launch of Services in Canada

Unpaid Carers Support - Updates from Bridgit Care

Bridgit Care services have launched across Canada. This expansion presents an excellent opportunity to showcase our growth and continue making a positive difference in the lives of carers and those they care for.

We extend an offer to introduce any council leads interested in knowledge exchange between UK and Canadian counterparts. By sharing experiences and best practices, we can work together towards building a stronger global caregiving community.

If you have any questions or would like to explore these initiatives further, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.