Looking Local create cost-effective, digital solutions for the Public Sector – providing better outcomes to citizens and better value to local authorities.

Adult Social Care

Products: BetterCare Financial Assessment

Provide a remote, self-service and digital financial assessment process with bespoke data capture and calculations.

This module combines both nationally and locally administered benefits which feature adviser-led guidance and assistance tools throughout.

Customer Services

Products: ScanStation

A simple to use self-service document scanning solution, creating efficiencies by reducing queues and enabling staff to focus on those most in need.

Products: MyScan

Provide your citizens with the option to self-scan their document evidence at home or on-the-go. Reducing the reliance on customer service centres.

Revenues & Benefits

Products: BetterOff

Enabling claimants to self serve by applying online for benefit assessments and applications. BetterOff combines national and locally administered forms with comprehensive advice and support for users in re-entering work.

Products: BetterOff: HB/CTR

BetterOff: HB/CTR focuses on the high-volume Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction (HB/CTR) form in a digital-first, fully supported solution with back-end integration and a range of assisted digital tools.

Children's Services

Products: MyLocalOffer

MyLocalOffer is a service tailored to provide access to hyper-local and relevant national information, advice and guidance on SEND, ensuring these people have the support they need.

Products: Leaving Well

Leaving Well is a digital tool that puts care leavers at the heart of decisions for their future. It’s a collaborative web app that’s designed to make pathway planning more valuable for everyone, and improve life outcomes for young people leaving care.