Enabling People with Long-Term Conditions to take Control: A 24/7 guided journey of self-care




Long-Term Conditions (LTCs) are now identified as the biggest challenge facing the NHS with 70% of health and care spend attributed to people with LTCs. A ground-breaking technology, the SelfCareHub, has been designed to deliver demonstrable behaviour change based on clinical cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) principles, across a wide range of LTCs and can be scaled to a national level.


On a health provision level, 80% of primary care consultations and 65% of emergency hospital admissions in the UK are related to LTCs. 70% of health and care spend in England attributed to people with LTCs, a figure that will only increase due to our ageing population. Even in light of these figures, people with long-term conditions are likely to spend less than 1% of their time in contact with health professionals.


SelfCareHub offers the most engaging and exciting digital experience in the UK health and self-care arena. It was developed on the back of a clinical study (led by Dr Frances Cole, a pain rehabilitation and long-term condition specialist in West Yorkshire) that resulted in patients reducing their visits to their GP by 50%.

What's included?

  • Users can draw on a diverse range of support and advice whenever they need it, 24-hours a day, all-year-round
  • Enables users to make ongoing assessments of their motivation levels to change their behaviour and gauges their confidence levels in managing their own health
  • Underpinned by proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques, the platform facilitates behavioural change by supporting users to achieve measurable goals, offering educational resources and challenging misconceptions
  • With a user-friendly interface and suggestive prompts for goals and targets, the platform is simple to use by the majority of people
  • Users can engage in the support of a circle of formal and informal carers

What's the benefit?

  • Reduces the need for face-to-face consultation with clinicians, reducing reliance on over-stretched primary care, emergency and specialist health services
  • Reduces over-reliance on medication, resulting in savings
  • Improves patients physical and emotional well-being, reduces isolation through a supportive network, and creates a sense of empowerment
  • Proved increases in patient satisfaction (from West Yorkshire and Department of Health case studies into self-management)

Our Customers

Kirklees Council: My Health Tools 

In Kirklees, there are 1 in 4 adults living with at least one long-term condition (LTC), which fuels a high demand for self-management and prevention support. To help meet the challenges brought by increasing need coupled with funding cuts, the Public Health team at Kirklees Council looked to a radical, but realistic, solution.


In partnership with NHS North Kirklees CCG, NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG and LookingLocal, the Public Health team has developed My Health Tools, an online platform to support people to self-manage their conditions and to improve their lives for the better. Working with people with LTCs, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) professionals and other local health organisations on the design, the result is a personalisable tool which brings a holistic approach to the management of LTCs. Its combination of tools and features make it unlike anything else available in the UK.


At Kirklees we are really excited about My Health Tools and working with our residents in a different way, supporting them to make more informed choices about their own health.  Research has shown that self-management of care works; and with My Health Tools users can draw on a wide range of support and advice whenever they need it, 24-hours a day. 

Sarah Muckle, Kirklees Council Acting Director of Public Health


To find out more about how the platform works in Kirklees please watch this short video.