Supporting people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities digitally


MyLocalOffer was created to provide a digital solution for local authorities to meet their obligation in supporting families and carers of children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).


The service is tailored to provide access to hyper-local and relevant national information, advice and guidance on SEND, ensuring these people have the support they need. MyLocalOffer collates existing and new trusted sources, ensuring the content presented to customers is reliable and relevant.


More than 40,000 people have browsed the various local versions of the platform, searching for everything from autism to special schools, dyslexia and short breaks. LookingLocal is owned and managed by a local authority. We have a unique understanding of the challenges facing the public sector and MyLocalOffer is just one way we can empower your customers to help themselves.

 Local Authorities


  • Significant savings from reduced calls to Childrens Social Care
  • Added value partnership with parents and carers
  • Easy-to-navigate system
  • Reduces internal content management
  • Desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet-friendly.
  • Tailored directory to accommodate the need of each Local Authority
  • Making best use of the web - feeds in from social networks dedicated to care

Case Study


Leeds City Council


One of our customers, Leeds Council, collaborated with our team to create their 'Local Offer', providing information on everything ranging from primary schools, children's services, day nurseries and advice.


Creating the design for the service saw Leeds collaborate with parents, carers, young people, SEN teams, partners and stakeholders, providing demonstrations of the Local Offer and inviting feedback on its content, presentation and accessibility. With help from the LookingLocal team and this feedback, Leeds customized their service to meet the needs of their SEND community.


Kate Brooks, Children’s Services, Leeds City Council: “What we appreciate most about working with the team at LookingLocal is their ability to meet our developing brief within the environment of the public sector.”





  • Informed, supported, reassured both online and off-line, free of charge
  • Building stronger relationships in the SEND community both online and by finding support groups and clubs
  • Content is updated regularly and evolves to meet the changing needs of families
  • Merges online and offline care networks for best results for families and communities
  • Improves engagement of community with local care/support providers





We can work with you to help ensure your team meets its SEND obligations. Please call, email or message us for a chat.

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