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Enables Local Authorities to deliver greater more accessible services to its residents
MyCouncil is a flexible, managed app that allows local authorities to deliver accessible and citizen-focused services. MyCouncil incorporates street reporting, access to key national services, the ability to integrate systems and links to selected web resources. It also offers the potential for branding and customisation.




LookingLocal’s MyCouncil app has been designed in partnership with local authorities across the UK. It is available on any iOS or Android device, is easy to use and free to download. Street reporting, Jobs from Universal Jobmatch, information from The Money Advice Service, Universal Credit toolkit information from the DWP, and NHS Choices/NHS Scotland resources all come as standard. The app allows you to link to any of your LookingLocal content, including integrated services (plug-ins). MyCouncil also offers the ability to link directly to mobile-optimised content & services from your website (e.g. payments) & other trusted websites.



> Street reporting:
A simple process allowing people to see outstanding reports, then report new issues, adding a photo and comments. The report is then automatically submitted to the relevant local authority for handling. The in-built street reporting functionality is a real driver of usage, and the app can be integrated with existing reporting systems to help reduce duplicate reports.


 > Linking to content already in the LookingLocal Content Management System (CMS) including plug-ins:
Any information or service provided by a partner via the LookingLocal CMS can be added on the app's home screen and accessed directly by users. 


 > Ability to link to mobile-optimised services from partner website:
If a partner has mobile-optimised content/services on their website we can surface those services via the app. For example, if a mobile-optimised payments module exists on your website, this can automatically be linked to the app with fulfilment working in exactly the same way. 


 > Ability to link to mobile-optimised services from trusted third-party websites:
Increasingly websites are becoming mobile optimised and MyCouncil can link to any content or service on a trusted third-party website. Linking to content on GOV.UK, Twitter, Facebook, etc can greatly enhance the app for your citizens.


 > Ability to link to national partner content:
Easily link to information and resources from Universal Jobmatch, Universal Credit from the DWP, The Money Advice Service & NHS Choices/NHS Scotland.


 > Ability to link to other apps (Android only) 
The Android version of MyCouncil allows other apps to be accessed from within the MyCouncil app. This means that if a partner or one of their solutions providers had an app (i.e. a CBL or payments app) in Google Play this could be surfaced on the home screen of the MyCouncil app (Please note: This feature is Android only).


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