The new and easy way to find Affordable Rental Property: The property search engine made with tenants and landlords in mind 

Designed with Local Housing Allowance (LHA) tenants in mind, LetsHelpYou enables Councils to offer a FREE service to Landlords and anyone searching for rental property in the private rented sector. All rents are compared to the maximum LHA within each local authority area, so prospective tenants can easily compare the affordability of all accommodation advertised. The multi-platform service matches landlords and tenants with each other based on their housing needs. It was funded by the DWP in light of the changes in LHA to try to make the transition easier for both landlords and tenants.

What's included?

  • Landlords can advertise their properties free of charge
  • Listings include property details and photo's
  • For tenants, all rents are compared to the maximum housing benefit 
  • Offers a selection of property management tools for landlords to help in running their business
  • Tenants can keep up-to-date accommodation listings, without relying on the council
  • The service is translated into over 65 different languages
  • Tenants can access the information on a range of channels and devices such as mobile, TV and smartphones

What are the benefits?

  • Streamlines the existing process and improves the digital 'market'
  • Minimises 'jargon and is easy to use for both landlords and tenants alike
  • Bring tenants and landlords together in one online space
  • Keeps the rental market moving and reduces levels of empty properties and evictions


As an extension to LetsHelpYou is RentARoom, which puts people who are keen to let out a room in their property in touch with individuals who are just looking for a room to rent. It is designed to help public sector housing tenants who are struggling to pay increased rents - through, for example, under-occupation - or homeowners who want to make mortgage repayments easier to meet.

It is useful for families who have a spare room when a child goes to university and is especially beneficial for people under-35 – the group most impacted by welfare reforms – who are looking for somewhere to live. It also offers a potential solution for authorities housing people in temporary accommodation.