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Health professionals are all facing the challenge of trying to find new and smarter ways of providing quality health care and advice. Along with these challenges come the phrases “prevention” and “self care” which have been put at the forefront of all health professional minds; we've all become aware of the fact that these areas are key in the longevity of the NHS. HealthMyself aims to alleviate some of these challenges by providing an online tool for users to find trusted, relevant and local health and wellbeing advice 24-hours a day. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device. HealthMyself targets a vast number of issues including mental health, support for the elderly and a variety of long-term conditions. Most importantly, the platform aims to help GPs encourage both prevention and self-care in the community.

What's included?

  • Signposts to a range of third-party trusted content from websites such as Yelp, NHS Choices and Facebook
  • Content drawn from a range of sources providing the ability to “curate” and accredit third-party information, as well as create your own
  • Integration with appointment and prescription records
  • A triage feature advises on where to go in emergency or non-emergency situations
  • Directory service that helps users find support groups, meet-ups and sport clubs that can offer real-life assistance
  • Search for local health services including Pharmacies, Dentists and Opticians 

What's the benefit?

  • The website can blend seamlessly with your existing website, or can provide the basis for a refreshed web presence
  • Offer patients around-the-clock support that can be accessed anywhere and on any device
  • Will reduce unnecessary traffic to frontline services and therefore create significant savings
  • A multi-channel platform for promoting appropriate messages to the local public e.g. flu jab reminders, Walk-in waiting times
  • Brings the local community closer together by offering local services an additional platform to promote from

Our Customers

COACH in Oxfordshire

The health advice website for Oxfordshire branded as COACH (County of Oxfordshire Advice on Care & Health) was created as part of the Oxfordshire GP Federations winning bid to the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund.COACH  

 The encouragement of self-care is a fundamental element within the COACH website and therefore the site contains over 150 links to external websites such as NHS Choices, NHS Symptoms Checker and the local council that enables users to find trusted, relevant advice.

With a commitment to promote well-being, COACH offers users the latest information around healthier living, including interactive health apps that help with a variety of things including quitting smoking and healthy eating.

The advice offered on the COACH website is not just health focused, recognising that external factors such as housing, loneliness, bereavement and/or financial worries can all affect a person's health. Advice addressing all these areas and more will enable people across the local area to find the right help for their individual needs.

The directory platform is really important within the COACH website and enables users to find services and groups in the real world, that can help with their health and well-being needs. This is easily managed and is complemented by a range of feeds from external sites including Facebook and YouTube. The third party information is easy to manage; the smart technology enables the administrator to ensure that only trusted and relevant content is seen by the end user.

Having the right tool to access the latest health information, signpost you to appropriate health and care services, better understand health conditions for improved self-care and find local support groups will benefit many patients and their families - especially those who feel they are alone with their condition or situation - COACH will offer the opportunity to find solutions and connect with people in similar situations.

David Ridgway, Practice Manager from Malthouse Surgery, Abingdon

All deployments of HealthMyself include full training and continual support through the life of the site.  The service is fully maintained by Looking Local including cloud hosting at Amazon. Ongoing management of content can be handled by the site owners or be content managed by our bureau services.  HealthMyself can also be provided as a product, or as a 'Website as a Service'.  Both versions have their own distinct advantages and are largely dependent on budget and available manpower to manage the site prior to launch.  More details can be found here