A digital platform to support adults with care needs



We developed CareSpace to help Local Authorities meet their obligations under the Care Act to provide information and advice about resources for people who need care and support. Using our unique harvesting technology, the platform selects from a wide range of sources, while at the same time, keeping it local and relevant to the user’s needs.


This innovation helps those who can to self-serve, enabling council staff to prioritise their time for more vulnerable customers.



  • Shows users information and advice from a range of sources, including Facebook, Meetup, Yelp and Youtube
  • No logins required - breaks down barriers to entry
  • Guided search without the need to use search terms
  • Gives an internet presence for services which may not have a website
  • Retrieves information from the source rather than waiting for administrators to update entries
  • Optimised for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers

Outcomes and Savings


  • Information is more accurate and instantly refreshed for each search
  • Saves considerable time and effort with some directory customers saving up to 80% in content management time
  • Users can see information from platforms they would not usually use