Combining benefits and employment in one smart platform



BetterOff is a unique web-platform that combines benefits assessments and applications with comprehensive support for users in re-entering work. It guides users through the process: from assessing entitlements, processing claims and appeals, to ultimately providing the tools users need to re-enter work, all in one space.


BetterOff reduces footfall in contact centres and the need for Face-to-Face appointments, allowing advisors to devote their time and effort to working with vulnerable claimants who cannot self serve. It brings money into the local economy by helping people access the money they’re entitled to and by finding them sustainable work.






  • Processes nationally and locally administered benefit claims digitally and remotely.
  • Triages Universal Credit Claimants.
  • Built-in benefits calculator which also advises how much better off claimants would be in work.
  • DWP-approved job journal and job search engine.
  • Virtual guidance throughout, written by benefit advisors.
  • Digital advice is available in the form of virtual chat, video and screen sharing.
  • Platform dedicated to processing Housing Benefit and Council tax Reduction forms also available.
  • Dynamic Evidence List and in-built upload facility.



BetterOff Customers:




Outcomes and savings

  • Moves 70% of claimants to being able to self-serve.
  • Creates significant savings on advice provision without affecting service outcomes.
  • Brings money into the local economy.
  • Ensures that advisors can devote more time to complex and vulnerable cases.
  • Reduces the number of sanctions.



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