Streamlining the process of conducting financial assessments for social care.

Enabling and empowering the public to self-serve.

At LookingLocal, we believe that people deserve to understand the care they need, know what assistance they qualify for, and be clear on the contributions they will be expected to make. Too many people are not getting the care they need because of the difficult, unclear and often daunting process of financial assessments for care. This can leave the most vulnerable amongst us feeling helpless in the face of unexpected costs, and feeling unsupported and confused over what steps they should take. This is why we developed BetterCare.


BetterCare is a transformative and ground-breaking new online technology that supports people going through the process of financial assessments for care. It empowers and enables them to remotely complete their own applications, while ensuring transparency, clarity and simplicity throughout. BetterCare supports users, guiding them and giving them the tools they need to make difficult decisions from an informed position. 


 We particularly understand that digital self-service can be a daunting prospect for some people. Due to this, we’ve paid special attention to ensuring the user experience is as simple as possible, particularly focusing on a target audience of over 65, who are most likely to use this service whilst keeping in mind the needs of their carers/family, who are able to provide support during these applications using a range of assisted self-service tools.


BetterCare provides an intuitive user experience and was developed using user centred design principles. Helpful and clear signposting guides users through their financial assessments. Users have access to two forms: A ‘mini assessment’, to give claimants a quick summary of what they might be entitled to, and a ‘Full application’ form, which is used to process their claim. Using the inbuilt upload facility, they can then upload evidence to support their claim. The simplistic design of the technology means most people can complete their financial assessments online from the comfort of their homes.


This product doesn’t just help those receiving care: BetterCare has the additional benefit of reducing costs for councils, with more people completing their financial assessments independently, the need for home visits is reduced. It frees up staff to dedicate more time and resources to those complex and vulnerable cases which really do need a greater level of support




  • Improves customer experience and better sets expectations
  • Empowers customers through information and guidance written in plain english
  • Reduces the levels of failed care packages resulting from the delays in the financial assessment process
  • Reduces backlog of assessments and waiting times
  • Enables carers and family to facilitate applications through assisted self-service tools
  • Users are fully informed of the contributions they will be expected to make to their care



  • Reduce necessity for home visits from financial assessment officers
  • Fewer drop-outs and duplications of applications, as transparency and clarity increases
  • Banking costs reduced for local authorities as users are encouraged to use direct debits
  • Reduce volume of paper forms and local authorities digitise their services
  • Greatly reduces rates of failed care packages
  • Auto-indexing reduces time staff spend scanning and processing forms