Last month, we hosted our second Show and Tell event with Salford City Council, who have been using our digital solutions, ScanStation and BetterOff, since July and August 2018 respectively.

As DL Digital Leaders of The Year 2018, Salford City Council have transformed an enviable amount of their customer facing services into digital first – creating a simple, slick experience for both staff and users.

During our Show and Tell event, Salford City Council staff demonstrated how ScanStation (marketed by Salford as ScanZone) and BetterOff were being used within the council. Here’s 5 things we learnt from our show and tell with Salford City Council:

1. 80% of customers are able to self-serve using ScanStation

Whilst many assume that the older generation of users will struggle with a digital approach to document evidencing, analysis found that 80% of customers were able to self scan their documents, which are then imported straight into the back office. Empowering customers to self serve has left staff with time to support those customers who are the most in need.

2. 96 hours per week has been saved in staff time

Since using ScanStation, Salford City Council have saved 5 mins per scan, this equates to 96 hours per week saved of staff time. With this impressive saving in mind, staff at Salford City Council have enhanced their customer service with those who are not digital enabled – offering an improved service for everyone.

5 Things We’ve Learnt from Our Show and Tell with Salford City Council
ScanStation at The Broughton Hub, Salford City Council

3. Salford City Council have seen a monetary gain of over £2.8 million since August

Since August, completed BetterOff benefit assessments equate to a total monetary gain of over £2.8 million for Salford. This was achieved by ensuring citizens are claiming the benefits they’re entitled to. Most importantly, Salford City Council provided everyone with access to the same service – BetterOff.

4. Benefit applications have switched from 56% online to 100% online

Salford have approximately 13,000 new claims a year and previously, only 56% of these were completed online. Since going live with BetterOff, this figure has increased to 100% online benefit applications. This approach has been supported by BetterOff’s substantial guidance and support offering within the platform.

5. Their strategy for a successful implementation

For a smooth BetterOff implementation, Salford invited residents and staff members to test the site and provide feedback. They also implemented an impressive marketing strategy which included postcards, leaflets, banners, promotions on their website, staff intranet and ‘Life In Salford’ magazine as well as offering weekly ‘Coffee and Chat’ sessions. These sessions have seen in excess of 1200 people and provide a place where customers can be supported by staff with their BetterOff Journey.

5 Things We’ve Learnt from Our Show and Tell with Salford City Council
Salford City Council’s promotional material

Salford City Council’s impressive results show how using digital solutions such as ScanStation and BetterOff have considerable benefits for customers, staff and the wider community.

Attending Show and Tell events are useful to hear how other Local Authorities are using digital platforms, their strategy behind decision making as well as their results since going live. These events also give delegates a chance to network with peers from other councils – not to mention a day out from the office and a free lunch!

We host a handful of Show and Tell events every year with partnering Local Authorities, keep an eye out for our next one or contact us to find out more.

If you’d like to find out more about ScanStation or BetterOff, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us or book a demo with us below.

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