ScanStation Scotland Tour

We’re excited to announce that ScanStation will be taking a tour of Scotland in August. 

Our ScanStation Scotland Tour gives the opportunity for Scottish authorities to see ScanStation live in action. ScanStation is an easy-to-navigate digital application that enables claimants to self-scan documents to support a range of services such as Housing Benefit Claims, Council Tax Reduction, Blue Badge Claims and much more.

Currently, there are over 20 Local Authorities using ScanStation to support document evidencing. On average, 80% of customers are able to independently self serve using ScanStation, creating significant time and cost savings for councils and ensuring staff have the capacity to focus on those who are vulnerable and require the most support.

Our ‘show n tell’ events have proved popular amongst Local Authorities who value seeing the product demonstration and hearing about some of the statistics and experiences from authorities already using the app.

Please note, this tour took place in 2019 and is now no longer open. Please contact us using the form below should you wish to book a demo. 

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