ScanStation Launches Live Reporting Feature

ScanStation, our customer self-scanning technology, continues to evolve and has had several beneficial improvements to date – making document evidencing easier and quicker for users as well as creating time savings for staff and cost savings for Local Authorities. The latest addition to ScanStation is a live reporting feature.

This tool, which allows staff to monitor real time data from the devices, gives Local Authorities useful operational insights which can be translated into valuable savings back up the line. Information such as volumes of submissions by service area and evidence type can be accessed, giving staff access to clear usage data from different sectors.

ScanStation Launches Live Reporting Feature - Devices Screenshot

The features of this live reporting tool include:

  • Real time data.
  • Live remote monitoring of your devices, including the ability to see which screen within the app each tablet is showing.
  • Clear data on numbers of pages scanned and session length.

This data can be used in a variety of ways to improve productivity within Local Authorities. Trends in the data can predict the busiest and slowest days of the week, allowing Councils to appropriately staff their customer service area. Identifying numbers of pages being self-scanned can be translated into tangible time and cost savings. Segmenting by document type allows staff to easily identify the most used/scanned evidence type, such as Council Tax or Change in Circumstances, making them able to make informed decisions based off the data.

ScanStation Launches Live Reporting Feature: Stats Screenshot

In addition to giving operational insights such volumes of submissions by service area and evidence type, the live remote monitoring should allow IT functions to more easily troubleshoot network configuration to allow the monitoring traffic out through your firewall. This new service can also be whitelisted by IP address, making it suitable in cases where IP whitelisting of external traffic is mandatory.

In common with our previous analytics solutions, this new approach has been very carefully designed to capture only data of a non-personal nature. All the data entered by the user stays on the device until relayed to your configured secure destinations.

There’s plenty more to say about ScanStation and how it may benefit your Local Authority. If you’re interested in finding out more, please do get in contact – you can book a free demo with an expert below.

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