ScanStation for debt recovery, a day at LSECC

ScanStation for debt recovery, a day at LSECC

On Friday the 29th of April, we had the pleasure of speaking at the London and South East Credit Circle (LSECC) event in Victoria, London. This event provides an opportunity for LSECC members to discuss best practice approaches, provide peer to peer support and advice, whilst helping to support changes in policy.

The main talking points for the day surrounded debt recovery and what can be implemented to ease the burden on staff and the councils as a whole. We presented ScanStation and MyScan as a viable solution for debt recovery, as it provides end-users with a simple and quick way to provide their required information. Saving time for local authorities by cutting down manual processes such as scanning and indexing as well as chasing. Not only this, Councils using ScanStation have seen their scanning times drop from 10 minutes to an average of 3 minutes based on a 3-4 page document. 

Allowing the customer to complete their own scans can remove some of the friction that F2F interactions induce when discussing such a delicate subject as debt recovery. With the ability to integrate with any back office system, Scanstation and MyScan eliminates the need for manual indexing – reducing human error whilst creating time and financial savings.

ScanStation and MyScan reduces the need for staff input, which frees up staff to actively engage, follow strategies and work towards best outcomes. 

The whole event was full of useful conversations pertaining to the potential impact digital solutions will have on debt recovery in local councils, with Kirklees council being an example of the benefits ScanStation brings when fully implemented. Kirklees recorded cashable savings of £323k over the first 3 years of ScanStation use, with wide potential for implementing the solution to any service that requires scanning supporting documentation.

We are thankful for such a wonderful opportunity to interact with many councils face to face at LSECC, it gave us a great insight into shared Local Government problems which we are looking to alleviate with not only ScanStation, but our full range of products and services.

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