ScanStation Increases Time Efficiency with Floorwalker Notifications

Our self-service document evidencing app, ScanStation, continues to evolve ensuring that document scanning is time and cost effective for Local Authorities. Our latest addition is floorwalker notifications for staff.

Secure identity documents presented in relation to a claim often need to be examined by a human using proprietary ultra violet systems such as AutheniScan. ScanStation facilitates this function by notifying a member of staff when evidence of this nature has been presented.

ScanStation has a record of all evidence types requiring authentication so, as soon as a customer provides a secure identity document for scanning, it notifies a staff member using push technology to a handheld device.  The type of document requiring authentication along with the ScanStation device name are presented to the staff member so they know exactly which station to visit.

Because the customer chooses the evidence type to scan before they begin to enter their metadata, waiting time is kept to a minimum because the staff member already knows the task ahead allowing the customer to continue their session right up to the point of submission. At this point they are informed that the evidence they have provided requires authenticating and the ScanStation screen is then locked until a QR code and PIN is presented to the device.  By this time the staff member has usually arrived so, after successful UV authentication, they can enter their known PIN number and present their QR code to ScanStation, allowing the session to complete.

ScanStation Increases Time Efficiency with Floorwalker Notifications

The payload of scans and meta data are then clearly marked as ‘authentic’ and contain the authenticating staff member’s details along with a time stamp.

These floorwalker notifications comes at no extra cost for Local Authorities and ensures time efficiency for both staff and the customer.

We have a Show and Tell demo coming up with Lambeth Council in September. This is your chance to see ScanStation live in action, hear from Lambeth Council and meet delegates from other Local Authorities. If you haven’t done so already, you can register for your free ticket here.

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