QR codes launch on MyScan

QR codes launch on MyScan

Over the last few months, ScanStation has provided local authorities with a document-evidencing solution that provides citizens with safe, socially-distanced scanning. As the second nationwide lockdown begins, it is imperative that Councils ensure they are continuing to provide citizens with the means to access services.

MyScan is an additional module for ScanStation, that provides citizens with the means to scan their documents at home or on-the-go. This web-app intuitively resembles ScanStation, providing users with a similar user experience, with the documents landing in back office systems in a similar fashion to ScanStation. 

The benefits of using MyScan are that it allows citizens to provide their evidence contact-free, reducing the pressures on Customer Service Centres, as well as safely adhering to the current Government guidelines. The app is web-based, allowing a multitude of different devices to be used for document scanning.

The platforms are continually developed in order to provide the best service to Councils as possible, with all new features coming cost-free to existing customers. The latest feature is the addition of QR codes to MyScan. This provides Local Authorities with the ability to personalise and direct specific people to specific places, making it easier for both staff and citizens. Hull City Council have utilised this function for marketing purposes by allowing citizens to scan the QR code and arrive directly onto the correct service – freeing up staff time to focus on those in need or other frontline services. 

You can read more about other additional features added to the ScanStation service on our News tab, such as the addition of floorwalker notifications and the live reporting tool

If you’d like to enquire about getting your Customer Service Centre contact-free document-evidencing with ScanStation and MyScan, then please do not hesitate to get in touch or request a free virtual demo.

QR codes launch on MyScan

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