At LookingLocal we handle all aspects of creating a superior solution for your business whether digital or otherwise. This is not simply constrained to the creation and ongoing management of the solution but includes other aspects of marketing communication, such as public relations, sales promotion, and internet & direct marketing.

We follow through fully on our commitments and we're realistic on timescales. We know how to balance your budget with your objectives and will be diligent in our effort to exceed your expectations. We're more interested in lasting success than quick wins, and we will be clear about what we are doing so that you are never in the dark. There is transparency and a whole team of people to call on at every level in the business.

You may already have a vision about what software development can do for your business or you may already have a system in place where there might be things to rescue or put right. Either way we will challenge, explore, mirror back your requirements and open up areas for further discussion. We are used to business-critical software development and taking on demanding projects, our development engineers live and breathe technology and the beauty of code. At LookingLocal we work collaboratively across several software development projects, an approach that fosters creativity, innovation and a deeper understanding of the implications of our varied outputs.  Here is a summary of the work we do.



Making the most of your digital presence

Mobile is a revolution, and it’s growing every day. Organisations are realising the benefits of being able to place their brand/product in the pocket of their customers. For this reason, your digital presence has to be just as effective on a phone or a tablet as it is on a desktop. Our designers and developers have the skills and knowledge to build robust and responsive mobile websites and apps customised to your exact requirements.

Responsive Design | Mobilised Websites | Mobile Apps | Cross-Platform | iOS & Android


Software & Technology

Innovative solutions that simply work, and work simply

If an off-the-shelf product just doesn't suit your requirements, then we can help. Not only can we develop the perfect software solution for you, but with our wealth of online experience we can add an immense amount of value along the way, helping achieve improved efficiencies, experiences and engagement.

Software Applications | Dashboards | CRMs | Databases | Intranets & Extranets | Customised Reporting


Web & Design

Beautiful, compelling visual stories

A compelling online presence is one of the most crucial and hardworking tools your business will have. Creating the right impression from the get-go is vital. From simple brochure websites to extremely powerful, web-enabled work-flow applications, we create digital brand experiences by understanding your culture, customers and the world you live in.

Website Design | Development | Usability | User Experience | Information Architecture |  Interface Design | E-Commerce | Accessibility | Responsive | Mobile 


Marketing & Communications

Getting the right message to the right audience

We understand that just because you have a fantastic looking and working product it doesn't ensure that people will use it, especially not right away and that the right marketing and communications are essential for success. This is why we offer our customers expertise and advice within these areas to ensure that the right people are talking about and using your product from the moment it goes live. As well as assistance in the use of social media and marketing messages we also offer practical support in the creation of press releases and marketing materials.

Social Media | Print | Direct Marketing | Press releases | Objectives | Key messages


Support & Hosting

Dedicated support and service you can rely on

Digital technology can be pretty confusing. That's why we offer an ‘all-inclusive’ service which covers all elements of hosting, support and maintenance at a set annual charge, enabling you to receive the highest level of post-implementation support whilst also capping ongoing costs. This ‘all-inclusive’ service is tried, tested and utilised by the majority of our clients.

24/7 Support | Managed Servers | Backup Disaster Recovery