New animations released for BetterCare Finance

New animations for BetterCare Finance

We are excited to announce the release of two new animations that have been created to help land BetterCare Finance within our partner local authorities and encourage the highest level of take up. These two new animations have each been designed to focus on local authority staff and their residents who are using the service. 

These animations were developed alongside a handful of our partner local authorities and have been provided for free to our partner local authorities as part of the continuous improvement of BetterCare Finance.

Staff guide


We know that local authority staff play a crucial role in ensuring that high-quality digital adult social care is provided to residents. The staff guide short animation ensures staff at our partner local authorities are familiar with the BetterCare Finance platform, how it works, why it is being used – ultimately encouraging take up of the digitised process.

We’ve developed this animation to break down the key features and functions of BetterCare Finance in an easy-to-understand way. The animation is designed to be engaging, informative, and accessible to all local authority staff, regardless of their level of technical expertise.

Individuals guide


Parts of a care financial assessment form can be challenging for residents. In some cases, they don’t understand what a financial assessment is and why they have to complete one. On top of that, we want to ensure that our partnered local authorities are able to encourage as many residents as possible to engage with the digitised process.

This short animation is designed to be watched outside of the financial assessment form (ie on local authority website), to help individuals to understand what a financial assessment is and to encourage them to use BetterCare Finance.

Adult Social Care reform online event BetterCare Finance

BetterCare Finance is a fully managed solution enabling councils to offer an end-to-end digital form for financial assessment for care, uniquely bespoke to ensure 100% alignment with local charging policy and rulebases. Unlike other solutions in this field (which are at best only ready reckoners), BetterCare Finance is completely tailored to your organisation to reflect local processes and needs, even incorporating localised calculations such as Disability Related Expenses (DREs) and disregards.