NAFAO Conference 2022

NAFAO Conference 2022

On the 19th of May we had the pleasure of exhibiting at the NAFAO annual conference in Birmingham. We got to listen to presentations by assessment teams of many organisations, which focused a lot on the expected increase in caseloads due to the Adult Social Care reforms. Thank you to everyone who stopped by at our stand to say hello and talk about digital, self-led financial assessments!

The attendees at the NAFAO conference showed a great level of interest in mitigating the increase in caseloads and the pressure that the ASC reforms will create for local authorities. These topics from NAFAO are areas that we’ve been delving into extensively, conducting research workshops, webinars and many demonstrations. BetterCare Finance answers many of the concerns raised in regards to the ASC reforms – it is a self-serve, digital solution that is designed to empower users to complete financial assessments unassisted.

With this in mind, the platform will support Local Authorities with the significant increase in caseloads, alleviating the concern of staff numbers, resources and time. At the same time freeing up staff to focus on complex cases where certain individuals may need direct assistance in completing financial assessments.

Every local authority’s BetterCare Finance is personal to their needs and is directly aligned with local charging rulebases, down to the pounds and pence. 

You can expect a massive shift in how your customers complete financial assessments after implementing BetterCare Finance. Prior to implementation, Kirklees Council had 98% of FA cases needing to be processed a second time, 650 backlogged cases and 100% of cases requiring a home visit. Now the latest feedback from Kirklees is that 95% are now able to self-serve, their backlog has been completely eliminated and home visits are only required for 2% of cases.

If you’d like to find out more about BetterCare Finance and how using this platform can prepare you for the October 2023 reform, please contact us or request a demo using the form below.

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