Monster Jobs joins BetterOff to provide enhanced search feature

Monster Jobs joins BetterOff

We’re excited to announce that BetterOff is now working with Monster Jobs in order to continue providing a comprehensive job search function within the welfare and employment platform.

This integration means that users can use the benefit eligibility checker, access relevant forms and search for jobs all in one place. Additionally, individuals can keep a detailed DWP-approved job journal, which is automatically populated by job searching activity undertaken within the solution, and to which claimants can add activity undertaken by other means. This journal can be automatically shared with advisors and follow-up activities can be logged, all in line with the universal Credit Claimant Commitment.

BetterOff is a fully managed, public-facing digital solution designed in partnership with Kirklees Council Revenues & Benefits team to reduce the impact of cuts to their welfare advice budget by:

  • Improving multi-channel service provision;
  • Facilitating self-service;
  • Nurturing digital skills;
  • combining/embedding benefits and employment advice in one digital space

The solution enables claimants to self-serve their benefits online, allowing frontline staff time to focus on their more complex and vulnerable cases. Key components of the service include a benefit eligibility checker (provided by entitledto), which gives the claimant a figure of how much benefit they would be entitled to based on their individual circumstances. The technology then provides the claimant with direct access to the relevant forms and processes based on their personal needs. To ensure the highest possible online completion rate, expert guidance is provided within each form to support the variety of multimedia formats (from text to audio and video) and reflects the ‘real life’ advice the frontline benefit staff give claimants.

In addition to application forms, BetterOff enables users to apply and manage the benefit appeals process, and uses all means possible to ensure the highest monetary gain for each claimant, as well as a broad measure of ‘monetary gain’ across the local economy.

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