Looking Local partners with OLM System’s ECLIPSE

Looking Local partners with OLM System's ECLIPSE

Looking Local are very pleased to announce their new partnership with OLM Systems, aimed at enhancing their ECLIPSE cloud-native case management solution for Adult Social Care.

This partnership interfaces ECLIPSE with the BetterCare suite of self-assessment platforms – BetterCare Finance and BetterCare Support. These self-led platforms involve citizens in their own care, allowing ownership of their own assessments, while also freeing up resources within the local authority.

BetterCare Finance

BetterCare Finance is a fully managed solution enabling councils to offer an end-to-end digital form for financial assessment for care, uniquely bespoke to ensure 100% alignment with local charging policy and rulebases. Unlike other solutions in this field, BetterCare Finance is completely tailored to your organisation to reflect local processes and needs, even incorporating localised calculations such as Disability Related Expenses (DREs) and disregards. Our Income Maximisation module works hand-in-hand with BetterCare Finance to ensure that people who are undertaking their financial assessment are also maximising their income at the same time.

BetterCare Support

BetterCare Support is a digital-led care & support assessment platform. The animation-led, self-serve platform is used to assess multi-tiered care and support eligibility, across the 10 areas of the Care Act. BetterCare Support uses 40+ relatable animations to coax best answers, reducing the reliance on home visits and unnecessary contact from those who do not meet the eligible criteria.

We are excited to bring our self-led, efficient assessment platforms to the ECLIPSE software and look forward to the positives that this partnership will create.