London Borough of Lambeth ScanStation Event

Last week, we hosted a ScanStation show and tell event with London Borough of Lambeth. Around 25 Local Authorities joined us at Lambeth Town Hall to hear about ScanStation and how Lambeth Council have been using it since their implementation in April 2018.

We heard from Mairead, Customer Service and Assessments Manager, who discussed the improvements created by ScanStation in their Customer Service Centre as well as Arnold and Siji who offered a technical / ICT perspective.

Scanning was previously completed on a flatbed scanner by customer service staff, with customers required to book an appointment – there were 125 appointments per day for housing benefit alone. Receipts were handwritten and indexing was a manual task, in total requiring 2 whole teams to support their document evidencing process.

Since their go-live date at the start of April 2018, London Borough of Lambeth have had 38,000 evidence submissions through ScanStation from self-serving customers, reducing their number of appointments, creating huge efficiencies as well as savings of £100k.

London Borough of Lambeth ScanStation ScanStation at London Borough of Lambeth customer service centre


Lambeth opted for a sleek, modern design for their ScanStations which require a lot less space in their customer service centre and are inviting for customers to use.

Next on the list for London Borough of Lambeth is our Scan at Home webapp – MyScan, allowing customers to scan in their documents from home using their phones, ultimately reducing the amount of customers entering their customer service centre. Please do get in touch if you’d like some more information about this.

To find out more about what ScanStation can do for your Local Authority, please do not hesitate to get in touch or feel free to book a demo with an expert.

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