Local Authorities Offer Insight at Financial Assessment Event

On the 27th of June, we made our way to Birmingham to host our third BetterCare: Financial Assessment show and tell event.

We had 15 different Local Authorities join us to see the BetterCare platform in action at our financial assessment event. Alongside the demonstration, we heard from Kim Draper (Project Officer) and Ferhat Bano (Financial Assessment Team Manager) from Kirklees Council, who shared their experiences with BetterCare. 

BetterCare at Kirklees:

Prior to the implementation of BetterCare, the Financial Assessment process at Kirklees Council took an average of 100 days, leaving a backlog of 650 cases and a 25% failed care package rate.

BetterCare focuses on customers self-serving their financial assessments and bringing this assessment to the front of the customer journey. Following implementation, 80% of customers are fully self serve, the numbers of cases requiring home visits has dropped from 100% to 2% and the initial backlog of 650 cases has been eliminated leaving levels of customer satisfaction increased across the board. We’re happy to share the findings behind these figures, please do get in contact to find out more.

Local Authorities Offer insight at Financial Assessment Event

Having 25 attendees from multiple Local Authorities allowed us to have subject experts sharing their insights into the local challenges faced by councils across the country. The key areas of discussion for local challenges included the resource and labour intensive nature of financial assessments, catching self-funders as they drop under the threshold, the quality of information from families and achieving any consistency in calculations across the financial assessment team. 

Moving forward, the Councils discussed their focus for the coming months which included the need to streamline and digitise the process to create a sustainable model. This involved moving financial assessment staff to a paperless model, using automations and creating a better connection between the care assessment and the financial assessment. 

Local Authorities Offer insight at Financial Assessment Event

The BetterCare model allows customers to self-serve their financial assessment forms digitally and remotely. Whilst there are other tools on the market, BetterCare is the only solution that is flexible enough to accommodate the hyperlocal rulebases. BetterCare supports both the customer, their family and the Council, ensuring that there is no need to recapture any of the key details. This technology creates a smooth end-to-end process for users and frees up resources to allocate to the most vulnerable and complex cases.

To conclude the day, we discussed the road map for BetterCare, which features a diminishing capital calculator, Mass annual review feature, integration with DWP data, deferred payments application form and a care phones assessment.

If you’d like to speak to one of our product experts about our financial assessment solution, please do not hesitate to get in contact. You can arrange a call or free demo using the form below.

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