Leaving Well

Collaboratively putting care leavers at the heart of their decisions

Leaving Well is a digital tool that puts care leavers at the heart of decisions for their future. It’s a collaborative web app that’s designed to make pathway planning more valuable for everyone, and improve life outcomes for young people leaving care. 

Leaving Well supports young people to have ownership and agency over their transition to independence, with their voice, ambitions and feelings at the core of their pathway plan. In doing so, this frees up time for staff away from administrative processes so that they can spend more time providing support to their young people. As a dynamic web app, Leaving Well provides managers with live outcomes data and information to guide decision making and enable support to be targeted to those most in need.

Leaving Well has been developed in partnership with Local Authorities and in consultation with academics and the wider leaving care community.


Full digital pathway plan

Collaborate on tasks to help young people reach their goals

Innovative data dashboard provides real-time insight into caseload data

Intuitive and easy-to use-interface for young people and case workers

Full remote accessibility for users

Accessible user experience

Guidance and advice from leaving care professionals

PDF export to case management system

Manager oversight and sign off

Manage tasks and update notes when on the move


Young person ownership of the pathway planning process

Enables young person to update and comment on their plan, giving them a space to voice their needs and ambitions

Reduces significant time spent on administrative tasks giving more time to support and mentor young person

Dashboard provides live outcomes data to inform strategic decision making and identify areas of improvement

Supports young person's transition into independence

Increased quality and "richness" of pathway plans leading to better understanding of the young person

Supports SMART action planning

Allows support to be targeted to those most in need