Join us at our Adult Social Care Reform online event

User-led digital platforms to support a surge in assessments


The upcoming Adult Social Care reforms will have a substantial impact on local authorities, who are expected to see a surge in people presenting at their council needing both a financial assessment as well as an eligible care and support assessment. A self-service option that provides users with a complete and localised experience is likely to be essential. 

Looking Local – co-owned by Kirklees Council (West Yorkshire) – are responsible for developing BetterCare Finance (financial assessment platform) and BetterCare Support (care and support assessment platform). Both products are digital-led, focusing on end-users self-serving their assessments to provide significant financial and efficiency savings for multiple local authorities across the country.

These platforms provide local authorities with the ability to keep pace with the expected significant increase in assessments. We will be implementing changes to address the reforms with analysis work commencing alongside a selection of councils already using one or both the platforms (e.g. North Lincs, Lincolnshire, Coventry and Wakefield) to ensure that all updates are undertaken with careful consideration to local authorities’ processes. 

During this event, we will be detailing the findings from this analysis work and discussing options for local authorities that need real-life, tangible solutions to the new legislation within the ASC reform. 

This event will provide delegates with an excellent opportunity to hear from those who have already gone digital, self-serve with their financial assessments and/or care & support assessments, and what their future plans are in relation to the charging reform.

Adult Social Care reform online event BetterCare Finance

BetterCare Finance is a fully managed solution enabling councils to offer an end-to-end digital form for financial assessment for care, uniquely bespoke to ensure 100% alignment with local charging policy and rulebases. Unlike other solutions in this field (which are at best only ready reckoners), BetterCare Finance is completely tailored to your organisation to reflect local processes and needs, even incorporating localised calculations such as Disability Related Expenses (DREs) and disregards.

BetterCare Support is a digital-led care & support assessment platform. The animation-led, self-serve platform is used to assess multi-tiered care and support eligibility, across the 10 areas of the Care Act. BetterCare Support uses 40+ relatable animations to coax best answers, reducing the reliance on home visits and unnecessary contact from those who do not meet the eligible criteria.