Introducing BetterCare Support

Introducing BetterCare Support

We are delighted to announce the launch of BetterCare Support. The platform will be joining our suite of Adult Social Care products and will focus on digitising the care and support assessment process.

BetterCare Support was co-designed by six local authorities through co-fund partner, CC2i. These six councils engaged with us due to their collective need to develop an effective self-service, digital approach to support service users, occupational therapists, service leads and all those involved in the care and support assessment process.

The platform features 40+ animations that lead users through the 10 areas of the Care Act. The easy-to-understand, relatable animations help users to complete the form and coax best quality responses.

Introducing BetterCare Support
Introducing BetterCare Support

BetterCare Support was developed due to the unsustainable cost of delivering home visits,  which in a post-covid world will continue to be challenging. Our BetterCare Finance platform already tackles the Financial Assessment side of this equation and has proven that up to 80% of this audience are capable of self-serving digitally.

Over the past year, we have seen local authorities adapt to a new way of working, combining digital self-service alongside face-to-face support. There is no doubt that this hybrid model of working will be the leading process moving forward.   

BetterCare Support results in substantial financial and efficiency savings for local authorities as well as swifter access to the right care for customers.

The feature set of BetterCare Support also includes:

  • Integration support for council back office systems
  • Accessible user experience
  • Simplified language reflecting plain English making it easy-to-understand for those who aren’t Social Care Professionals
  • Service providers able to make informed decisions about care packages without the need for a home visit
  • Works for multiple delivery models eg 3 Conversations, Strength-Based Practices, classic Care Act Assessments
  • Reduces backlog, travel and assessment processing times.
  • Resources can be reallocated to vulnerable and complicated cases
  • Avoids all but essential home visits whilst retaining highest possible levels of service and quality
  • Reduces the number of unnecessary contact from individuals who don’t meet the eligibility criteria

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