Increase customer satisfaction whilst saving money with self service document scanning solution, ScanStation

self service document scanning

Here at Looking Local we understand the pressure you and your staff are under. We have worked with 25+ local authorities around the country to revolutionise their customer service, and the changes our self service document scanning solution, ScanStation, bring are invaluable.

  • Substantially reduce queue times for constituents
  • Average transaction time has gone from 10 minutes on average to 3 minutes based on 3-4 page document
  • Self service enables constituents to perform scans unassisted
  • Staff are free to provide more efficient service
  • Per scan saving of £3.66 (council customer service centre model)

Now is the time for local authorities to engage with digital solutions, just like Cardiff Council has done. After implementing our intuitive self service document scanning solution, they’ve seen their constituents waiting times drop from 50 to only 2 minutes. Internal feedback at Cardiff Council has been positive upon the adoption of ScanStation, staff were keen to use ScanStation as they could see how quickly constituents were processing applications. They also benefited from the “Digital First” culture as it opened them up to more interesting and varied roles within their customer service hubs. Below is the link to their case study, where they go into detail on the impact ScanStation has brought to their operations.

ScanStation was developed alongside customer service experts at Kirklees Council in order to provide a trusted self service document scanning service for their constituents. Its features were designed with the user in mind, making it quick and easy to use. The device is housed within a bespoke furniture solution allowing for privacy, making sure sensitive information is of utmost importance. That sense of trust in itself is a valuable part of increasing customer satisfaction.

For the end-user, the device is very intuitive and easy to use, reducing the reliance on help from staff. With increased camera functionality, the resulting scans are crystal clear – lowering the amount of time spent scanning supporting documents. With this change to local authorities operations, both staff and citizens are satisfied. 

Local government and its staff are the backbone of this country, we pride ourselves on having exceptional relationships with local authorities. Over 25 Councils have had their customer service operations fast tracked and streamlined, providing efficiencies and ease of mind for both staff and their constituents. If you wish to connect with us one on one, please get in touch by requesting a free demo session of ScanStation. This will provide you with an opportunity to see the platform in action, how these efficiencies will benefit your council as well as ask any questions.

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