Income Maximisation Comes to BetterCare Finance

We are excited to announce the launch of our Income Maximisation module, as part of our BetterCare Finance platform.

This module will support users completing their financial assessment by providing the tools to independently maximise their income as well as ensuring Local Authorities are meeting their Care Act obligations.

This module delivers a personalised list of benefit applications, a DWP-recommend built in benefits calculator, and a host of step-by-step advice and guidance – significantly increasing the potential for a positive outcome. Access to a full analytics portal is also provided to help identify how citizens are using the service to improve their financial situation. These statistics also cover those that don’t qualify for direct financial support. You can read about our Income Maximisation module in more detail here.

We will be showcasing BetterCare Finance, along with the new Income Maximisation module, at our Manchester Show ‘n’ Tell on 12th February 2020. If you’d like to see the platform in action, and hear from the Financial Assessment team at Kirklees Council, please register for your free tickets via Eventbrite here.

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