Financial Assessments for Care in a Covid-19 World

BetterCare Finance

As we navigate new realities, access to technology that can support Local Authorities, their staff and their citizens to engage with public services is important. Following guidance from the Government amid Covid-19, it is now impossible for professionals to complete a face-to-face financial assessments for care.

BetterCare Finance is a digital self-service tool that is able to support Local Authorities and their clients as they adapt to these unprecedented circumstances.

We are acutely aware of the demand that ASC staff are now under – and will continue to be going forward. To that end, we have undertaken a number of steps to enable BetterCare Finance to be implemented entirely remotely and ‘resource lite’. We are currently looking at full implementation within 6-8 weeks from the point of initial engagement. One council that uses BetterCare Finance went live 2 weeks ago and now 100% of their non-res caseload is being handled through this platform.

BetterCare Finance’s unique feature set includes:

  • Full digital financial assessment, no face-to-face required
  • Uniquely bespoke to ensure 100% alignment with local charging policy and rule bases
  • Data capture and calculation to support a full financial assessment
  • Advocate use to allow family, friends, staff & advocates to support and complete assessments remotely
  • Personalised evidence list and upload facility
  • Flexible DRE options (including NAFAO max limits if applicable locally)
  • Provides the council with a ‘single source of truth’
  • Standalone admin console or seamlessly integrates with back office systems for processing assessments
  • Comprehensive income maximisation module available which includes DWP recommended built-in benefits calculator and full suite of guided digital application forms

Please do get in touch should you require any further information, you can do so via our Contact us page here. We are also offering free virtual demos to all that may be interested, please fill out the form below to book a free demo.

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