LookingLocal - EverybodyActive

Increasing physical activity in your local area

Positively Changing Thinking and Behaviour

EverybodyActive is a digital, web-based platform which uses the principles of Cognitive
Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help users positively change their thinking and behaviour to
increase physical activity. The mobile-responsive solution uses motivational imagery and
language, and takes a holistic approach to providing goal-setting tools, social support, and trusted information tailored to the user’s stated needs.

Inactivity costs local authorities an average of £18 million per year. The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) calculates that inactivity is costing the national economy in England £8.2 billion per year. These costs come from the direct impact inactivity has on the increased likeliness of both physical and mental ill-health and the associated costs to public health and care services.

The platform was developed by Kirklees Council in partnership with technology experts Looking Local Ltd (co- owned by Kirklees Council) for anyone wanting to increase their level of physical activity. It can be redeployed by any other public sector body to support a particular group who need to improve activity levels or as a ‘whole population’ solution.



Underpinned by a detailed confidence assessment system.

Tools to individually set and manage challenges, targets and goals.

Multimedia content to support activity with in-built recommendation engine.

Journal functionality with prompts and activity log.

Designed in partnership with local authority physical activity team.

Email/SMS notifications to drive behaviour change.

Ability to request support from friends, family and professionals.

Personalisation of physical activity plans.

Integration with Google Analytics.

Can be deployed for specific user groups or needs.

Outcomes and Savings

Mobile optimised, available 24/7.

Mobile working solution for health professionals dealing with activity.

Ability to track health and activity triggers and trends.

Increased patient activation, engagement and confidence.

Population wide solution for activity.

Activity data feeds into ongoing assessment plans/processes.

effective local platform

Local assets can be more effectively promoted than in standard internet searches.

online journal

A user-friendly online journal to record personal achievements, highlights and reflections.

reduces isolation

EverybodyActive's supportive network creates a sense of empowerment.

expert guidance throughout

Virtual guidance throughout, written by benefit advisors. Digital advice is available in the form of virtual chat, video and screen sharing.