Dorset and South Gloucestershire choose BetterCare Finance

Dorset and South Glos choose BetterCare Finance

Dorset and South Gloucestershire are the latest local authorities to select BetterCare Finance to digitise and support their financial assessment process. 

Both councils are taking proactive strides to get prepared for the upcoming reform, where councils are expected to see a rise in the number assessments needing to be undertaken.

Dorset and South Gloucestershire will be using BetterCare Finance in order to provide an efficient and dependable service for their clients to submit their financial assessments and reviews.

These local authorities are now in the onboarding process and we are looking forward to sharing more about their journey in due course.

BetterCare Finance is a fully managed solution enabling councils to offer an end-to-end digital form for financial assessment for care, uniquely bespoke to ensure 100% alignment with local charging policy and rulebases. Unlike other solutions in this field, BetterCare Finance is completely tailored to your organisation to reflect local processes and needs, even incorporating localised calculations such as Disability Related Expenses (DREs) and disregards.

If you’d like to find out more about how BetterCare Finance can support your council, please get in touch by filling out the form below.

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