Scan evidence on-the-go with digital scanning app, MyScan

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Due to changing community expectations, budget pressures, ageing infrastructure and more recently, the implications of the COVID 19 pandemic, we are witnessing a steady progression towards digitisation. Customers wish to process their claims evidence in a more easy and time efficient manner, and councils want to reduce footfall, queue times and provide more personal and efficient service at their customer contact centres.  

At a time where people are still weary about the safety of crowded public places and the queues they expect before being seen, an on-the-go digital scanning solution will be pertinent to maintaining council services to customers. 

MyScan is an accompaniment browser-based digital scanning web app to ScanStation. It allows Council customers to access ScanStation from anywhere, on a range of devices and from different browser types. It features the same intuitive user interface as ScanStation allowing customers to scan their supporting documents unassisted with ease. 

Similarly to ScanStation, MyScan enables customers to self-scan documents to support a range of government services such as; 

  • Housing benefit
  • Council Tax Reduction
  • Bus passes
  • Blue badges
  • Change of circs, and many more

This digital scanning browser app brings the perfect solution to reducing footfall and queues in customer contact centres, as well as freeing your staff from time consuming scanning activities and enabling them to provide personal and efficient service to their customers. 

MyScan provides citizens with the same user-experience as ScanStation, meaning that it is branded to each local authority. It also features SMS updates so that the customer  -no matter where they are – is notified of any documentation they need to scan in order to process a claim. 

The feedback we’ve had from ScanStation is that local authorities are happy with the customer contact centre based solution but they would still like to reduce footfall, which is why MyScan is the perfect digital scanning extension. The combination of ScanStation and MyScan provides a fast and efficient service at your contact centre – whilst also reminding customers that an equally easy to use option is available through their phone, allowing them to submit their claims evidence from the comfort of their own home.

If you wish to find out more about ScanStation and its accompanying digital scanning app MyScan. Please get in touch by requesting a free demo

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