Combat the cost of living crisis through self-serve Income Maximisation

bettercare finance income maximisation

Inflation within the UK has hit a 40-year high of 9.1% as of June 22nd. With soaring energy, food and housing prices that are further exacerbated by the war in Ukraine and global supply chain disruptions. Now citizens are looking to their local authorities for support during these strenuous times.

Many people who come through the council’s door applying for a financial assessment are actually unaware of the benefits they are entitled to receive. In addition to the government’s planned £15 billion support package that is intended to support citizens through the cost of living crisis, it is also crucial that local authorities facilitate the means for service users to receive the help they need. Through income maximisation and improved debt management, local authorities can create financial stability within their residents and their council.

Our digital, self-service Income Maximisation module is an extension to BetterCare Finance. It complements the financial assessment form by delivering a personalised list of applications for users to independently maximise their income. This personalisation ensures that users are presented with the applications that are most likely to succeed, leading to better results. Combining national and locally administered forms with comprehensive advice and support, users can easily identify how they can maximise their income. Importantly, they are also able to measure the impact of this on their local economy.

In addition to ensuring local authorities are meeting their Care Act obligations, access to a full analytics portal is also provided to help identify how citizens are using the service to improve their financial situation. These statistics also cover those that don’t qualify for direct financial support.

Here are some features of the Income Maximisation module:

  • Built-in benefits calculator.
  • Care Act compliant.
  • Entitlement-driven digital forms.
  • Full remote accessibility for users.
  • Guidance and advice throughout, written by benefit advisers.
  • Accessible user experience.
  • Seamless integration with backend systems.
  • Pre-populating forms using stored information.

You can read more about our Income Maximisation module here, or alternatively, use the button below to book an obligation-free demonstration.