Combat Staff Shortages with Digital CSA Platform

Combat staff shortages with digital CSA platform

Engage with digital solutions to address the rising levels in demand across Adult Social Care in the face of acute workforce shortages.

The latest ADASS survey notes that Directors are having to redeploy staff to cover these Adult Social Care shortages, creating undesirable circumstances strategically where staff are being transferred to areas outside of their expertise – the real challenge is ensuring that responses remain personalised to meet the needs of individuals.

Councils are making extraordinary efforts to offer the right support in a fast-changing and volatile situation. An increase to staff pay and progression are undoubtedly the ideal solution to provide a resilient workforce, however having digital measures in place to ensure staff are utilised for the most vulnerable and complex roles can consciously provide relief from these pressures.

BetterCare Support is a digital Care & Support Assessment platform, empowering users to self-serve their Needs assessment, relieving staff pressures and ensuring that users are assessed in a timely fashion. The platform was co-funded and co-designed by six councils – Coventry, Dorset, Lincolnshire, Medway, Oxfordshire and Solihull – to provide a solution to their service which is under significant strain.

The platform has over 40 animations which take users through the 10 areas of the Care Act. BetterCare Support ensures that service providers can make decisions without the need for a home visit – reducing backlog, travel and assessment times and creating significant time and cost savings.

There is an accelerated ambition from the Public Sector to engage with digital solutions – we are aware that culture change within Councils can be a significant obstacle to tackle. We provide Project Change Professional Services to ensure the transition from manual to digital is seamless. Please get in touch to find out more about this service.

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