LookingLocal - CareSpace

Supporting adults with care needs in a smart, digital platform

Better Outcomes for Customers, Bigger Savings for Councils

CareSpace is a platform to help Local Authorities meet their obligations under the Care Act, which requires them to provide information and access to resources for people who need
care and support. Using unique harvesting technology, the platform draws information from a wide range of sources, while keeping it local and relevant.

CareSpace provides the public with a central hub offering immediate access to information and services from various organisations and groups, all underpinned by a bespoke content management system. CareSpace is unique in that it requires minimal creation of content from partners, and instead uses advanced technology to curate Local and National content from
mega platforms and draws on social media as well as more ‘traditional’ sources of information, like trusted third-sector websites, to deliver a heavily tailored service to suit the needs of partners.

Looking Local - CareSpace


Comprehensive directory using leading local and national resources.

Collates information from a range of sources, including social media.

‘Whitelisting’ engine delivering safe/appropriate results supporting local health priorities.

Integration with leading digital platforms widening access to support networks.

Tools enabling local support services to better deliver information/services.

Information is accurate and instantly refreshed for each search.

Translation capabilities.

Dedicated library of digital tools and apps.

Mobile responsive, available across all devices.

Online 24/7 support for Carers.

Outcomes and Savings

Up to 80% saving in content management time.

Improved demand management.

Increased health resilience among people with long-term conditions.

Improved patient health literacy.

Improves engagement of community with support providers.

Merges online and offline networks for best results.

Reduces duplication and improves information accuracy.

local directory of services

Comprehensive directory using leading local and national resources.

digital platform integration

Shows users information and advice from a range of sources, including Facebook, Meetup, Yelp and Youtube.

whitelisting engine

Enabling safe and appropriate results supporting local health priorities.

Accurate and up to date

Retrieves information from the source rather than waiting for administrators to update entries.