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Digital-first housing benefit/council tax reduction form

Better Outcomes for Customers and Bigger Savings for Councils

BetterOff: HB/CTR focuses on the high-volume Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction (HB/CTR) form in a digital-first, fully supported solution with back-end integration and a range of assisted digital tools. Designed by public sector partners and based on the successful BetterOff: Welfare & Employment solution, it offers 100% online form completion.

A derivative of the ground-breaking BetterOff: Welfare & Employment solution which covers a wider range of benefits, BetterOff: HB/CTR focuses solely on the HB/CTR form and is underpinned by a range of assisted digital tools, intuitive user-focused design and offers integration with any back-end system. It is a comprehensive system delivering HB/CTR, which can be deployed either as a standalone solution or as an integral part of the wider BetterOff: Welfare & Employment platform. BetterOff: HB/CTR offers significant customer service satisfaction, as well as reduced volumes of ‘follow-on’ activity currently experienced both in offline and some online environments.

BetterOff: HB/CTR Screenshot


Fully managed cloud solution.

Redesigned digital-first HB/CTR form with embedded multi-media guidance.

Fully integratable with major back-end benefits systems.

Underpinned by HB/CTR entitlement calculator.

Range of assisted digital tools including form co-production.

Multiple log-in and ID verification mechanisms supported.

Self-service account recovery process.

Dynamic personalised supporting evidence lists.

Intuitive design, responsive & mobile friendly.

Range of reporting tools.

Standalone solution or as part of BetterOff: Welfare & Employment.

Outcomes and Savings

Self-service solution for 100% of HB/CTR claimants.

Supports and encourages advocate use.

Redefines complex paper-based process.

Offers local tailoring of forms based individual council needs.

Speeds up benefit application process.

Reduces contact.

self serve platform

Processes HB/CTR forms digitally and remotely.

built-in hb/ctr calculator

Underpinned by HB/CTR entitlement calculator.

full integration

Fully integratable with major back-end benefits systems.

expert guidance throughout

Virtual guidance throughout, written by benefit advisors. Digital advice is available in the form of virtual chat, video and screen sharing.

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