BetterCare Finance partners with Servelec’s Mosaic

BetterCare Finance partners with Servelec’s Mosaic

We are excited to announce that BetterCare Finance is now being fully integrated with Servelec’s Mosaic platform. Derbyshire County Council will be the ‘First of Type’ and we are now opening up this potential to all other Mosaic customers.

Looking Local is now a member of Servelec’s Partner Programme, accelerating Servelec customers’ access to integrated digital care solutions. This approach enables NHS trusts and local authorities to benefit from access to a broader technology ecosystem, bringing patients, citizens and providers together for better Digital Care.

“By partnering with Looking Local, we’re supporting our aim of empowering citizens to manage their own financial assessments. The partnership shows collaboration at its best, connecting digital solutions to help people in the community be more independent. The platform involves citizens in their own care, allowing ownership of their own financial assessment, while also freeing up resources within the local authority. Connecting seamlessly to our case management platform Mosaic, the solution is configurable to each authority’s needs, with the flexibility to support local practices. We look forward to offering this solution across our customer base.”

Julie O’Connor, Head of Product for Servelec Local Government

BetterCare Finance is a digital self-service tool that provides both citizens and local authorities with an end-to-end solution for financial assessments for care. 

The shift to self-service provides local authorities with a reduction in financial assessment processing times, reliance on home visits and staff time spent on scanning and processing evidence. Officer resources can be focused on the more complex and vulnerable cases whilst eliminating backlog cases and reducing failed care packages.

BetterCare Finance’s unique feature set includes:

    • Full digital financial assessment, no face-to-face required
    • Uniquely bespoke to ensure 100% alignment with local charging policy and rulebases
    • Data capture and calculation to support a full financial assessment
    • Advocate use to allow family, friends, staff & advocates to support and complete assessments remotely
    • Personalised evidence list and upload facility
    • Flexible DRE options (including NAFAO max limits if applicable locally)
    • Provides the council with a single integrated source of truth
    • Seamlessly integrates with Mosaic for processing assessments
    • Comprehensive income maximisation module available which includes DWP recommended built-in benefits calculator and full suite of guided digital application forms

BetterCare Finance works comprehensively and intrinsically with each unique council set up, ensuring the best outcomes possible. It is the only product on the market that has 100% alignment with your local charging policy and rulebases.

This is an exciting opportunity for Servelec customers to seamlessly integrate self-service financial assessments into Mosaic, with the data flow being fully automated, without the need for manual staff intervention or re-keying of information.

For more information on BetterCare Finance and the supported integration with Mosaic, please contact us here or request a free demo using the form below.

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