BetterCare Finance launch animations

BetterCare Finance launch animations
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We’re excited to announce that animation videos have been added to BetterCare Finance, our self-serve digital financial assessment platform. This update means that 20+ easy-to-understand animations are available to guide users through each stage of their financial assessment, helping them to understand the process and answer their required information.

This addition follows the successful launch of our digital Care & Support Assessment platform, BetterCare Support, which features over 40 animations to help users identify their care needs. Citizens using the platform found the videos to be more engaging and far easier to digest than bulk text.

The animations on BetterCare Finance have been added to work with existing features (such as the live chat function as well as guidance and advice from social care professionals throughout) to ensure that users have all the tools and information to complete their financial assessment independently.

This feature will continue to enable citizens to self-serve their financial assessment, leading to a reduction in reliance on home visits and reduced pressures on staff – meaning that these resources can be reallocated to the more complex and vulnerable cases.

If you’d like to find out more about the animations and our digital financial assessment platform, BetterCare Finance, please get in touch by requesting a free demo below.

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