BetterCare Finance Animations

BetterCare Finance is a self-serve online platform, digitising bespoke Local Government care financial assessment forms. If you have not done so already, please click below to read more about the BetterCare Finance platform.

Take a look below to view a selection of the animations featured across BetterCare Finance. These animations guide users through their care financial assessment, coaxing best quality answers by helping users to understand the questions and providing visual content that individuals can relate their personal experiences to.

About You

This animation is used as an introduction to the About you section of the care financial assessment form. The aim for this introduction video is to give the user an idea of what information they will need to provide, such as their address, date of birth and National Insurance number,

Capital Evidence

This animation is used for guidance on the evidence required for the capital section.


This video is an introduction to the Advocate section of the care financial assessment form.

Introduction video: Council Tax

This animation is presented at the beginning of the Council Tax section to guide users on how to answer the question regarding their Council Tax.

Capital - Transfers and Gifting

This introduction animation is presented during the Capital РTransfers and Gifting section of the care financial assessment form.