BetterCare Account is a digital budget and care account platform.

BetterCare Account is a digital platform for staff to automate the production of an individuals’ personal budget and for citizens to self-serve & track their budget through their care account. This platform has been co-designed by four local authorities (Halton, Kirklees, Lincolnshire and Walsall) with a ‘Gallery’ of subject matter experts from over 50 councils, who have provided their input in the development of the platform.

The platform calculates localised eligible care needs costs for users and allows them to evidence and track their spend, reassess their needs, request adjustment and generate statements. BetterCare Account provides a host of guidance to ensure end users can complete this independently.

This self-service platform alleviates added pressure and ensures that local authorities are able to handle the uptake in people needing to establish their personal budget.

BetterCare Account takes the output of a care and support assessment (CSA), meaning a digital CSA platform such as BetterCare Support would allow the user to have a completely self-serve experience, start to finish. 

This platform provides a user-friendly front end to anyone accessing care through their local authority, enabling transparency and the ability to self-serve their needs.

Individuals can

Calculate their personal budget

Evidence and track their spend

Reassess their needs

Request adjustments

Generate statements

Care Professionals can

Establish what the user’s eligible care needs are by reviewing the output of a user’s care and support assessment (CSA)

Select from a national standardised set of services

Create a package of care to meet the individual’s eligible care needs

Generate associated costs of this package by automatically calculating the user’s personal budget with localised costs

Make ad hoc adjustments to a user’s personal budget

Take account of a user’s maximum contribution as assessed during a financial assessment, leading to a metered rate


BetterCare Account - Halton Council
BetterCare Account - Kirklees Council
BetterCare: Support Lincolnshire County Council

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