Adult Social Care Charging Reform

Currently, individuals face the risk of unpredictable and unlimited social care costs and for many, their care requirements are not being met. The Adult Social Care charging reform will address the unsustainable reality of Adult Social Care at present.

The Adult Social Care charging reform sees a cap of £86,000 for any individual to spend on their cost of care. Additionally, the thresholds for local authority funding will be changing from October 2023, meaning that partial funding will now be available for those with assets between £20,000 – £100,000 (previously, there was no funding support for those with assets above £23,250).

This is expected to see a fourfold increase in citizens at your door needing to undertake a financial assessment. Short of increasing the number of your financial assessors by a similar number, a self service experience that provides users with a complete and localised calculation is likely to be essential. 

BetterCare Finance is the only digital, self-serve platform on the market that is fully bespoke to local charging rule bases and provides individuals with a 100% accurate cost of care, based on the information they provided. The assessment is delivered securely to council back office systems where staff can pick up the completed self-assessment for review. 

BetterCare Finance will be implementing changes that address the Adult Social Care charging reform. We are looking to kickstart the work to ensure we remain in lock step with the reforms shortly. Alongside all of the councils already using BetterCare Finance, we would like to hear from any councils that are thinking about using it in the future in order to help shape this work.

The platform will be updated to ensure that it cooperates with the new legislation, handles the increased uptake in people presenting to your council for a financial assessment and continues to provide local authorities with sizable financial and efficiency savings.

Adult Social Care Charging Reform

We’d love to hear from interested local authorities that would like to have some input into how these updates will translate into BetterCare Finance. You can contact us here or alternatively, book a demo using the form below to learn more about BetterCare Finance and how it can support your local authority with the upcoming charging reforms.

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