Accelerating Reform Fund (ARF) - Information and Workshop

Accelerating Reform Fund

Join us for a dynamic workshop focused on the DHSC Accelerating Reform Fund, where public sector and adult social care experts from Looking Local, Bridgit, and CAN Digital will come together to share their expertise and experience on maximising the opportunities presented by this fund. This collaborative workshop aims to showcase a range of innovations that can be leveraged under the DHSC Accelerating Reform Fund, providing valuable insights and practical knowledge for participants.

We are running two free virtual workshops, please click below to register.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has launched the Accelerating Reform Fund (ARF), which is providing £42.6 million in funding to support innovation in Adult Social Care. This fund will boost the quality and accessibility of adult social care by supporting innovation and scaling, and kickstarting a change in services to support unpaid carers.

The Minister of State for Care has written to all local authorities to set out the department’s 12 priorities for innovation and scaling.

  • Priority 1: community-based care models such as shared living arrangements
  • Priority 2: supporting people to have greater control over their care options, such as by using digital tools to self-direct support or communicate needs and preferences
  • Priority 3: investment in local area networks or communities to support prevention and promote wellbeing, enabling people to age well in their communities
  • Priority 4 (focusses on unpaid carers): ways to support unpaid carers to have breaks which are tailored to their needs
  • Priority 5: digital tools to support workforce recruitment and retention, for example through referral schemes
  • Priority 6: develop and expand the impact of local volunteer-supported pathways for people drawing on care and support
  • Priority 7 (focusses on unpaid carers): ways to conduct effective carer’s assessments with a focus on measuring outcomes and collaboration
  • Priority 8 (focusses on unpaid carers): services that reach out to, and involve, unpaid carers through the discharge process
  • Priority 9: digital workforce development and market shaping tools with capability to map, strengthen and grow local workforce capacity relative to system demand
  • Priority 10: social prescribing to connect people with information, advice, activities and services in the community
  • Priority 11 (focusses on unpaid carers): ways to better identify unpaid carers in local areas
  • Priority 12 (focusses on unpaid carers): ways to encourage people to recognise themselves as carers and promote access to carer services

Looking Local, Bridgit and CAN Digital have a wealth of experience bringing innovations to the adult social care sector and we’re excited to share more about this with you.

Looking Local’s BetterCare Support is an innovative tool that navigates people through their care and support assessment. The tool is animation-led, with visual assets that support people to accurately communicate their needs in suitable detail. The self-led tool provides people with greater choice and control over their care and support options (priority 2), including tailored information and advice to support people to make informed decisions. This information connects people with activities, groups and services in their community to meet their practical, social and emotional needs (priority 10). 

Bridgit Care is all about wrapping a warm, digital arm around carers and those they care for. They’ve got the tech to help carers access self help, provide 24/7 online support, and tools like contingency plans and carer ID cards. Bridgit’s approach is totally in tune with the ARF’s priorities, focusing on identifying carers (priority 11 & 12) empowering carers with digital tools (priority 2 & 8) and creating a more effective way to handle carer’s assessments (priority 7).

CAN Digital generates income and communication channels that amplify the reach of important campaigns (priority 9). They ensure the message of social care innovation hits the mark with targeted digital campaigns, resonating with local needs and priorities (priority 3 & 10).

During this workshop, Looking Local, Bridgit and CAN Digital will join together to share knowledge and experience on how to maximise the opportunity of this fund. We will also be providing information and guidance on applications to help support delivery.

This workshop is aimed at people who are interested in applying for this Accelerating Reform Fund. By registering for this workshop, you agree that Looking Local may disclose the personal data you submit as part of registration to the co-organisers of the event (Bridgit and CAN Digital) as reasonably necessary for the management and organisation of the specific event for which you registered.