A new, simple to use self-service document scanning solution 

Designed and developed by LookingLocal, ScanStation is a combination of an easy-to-use Android app, a bespoke furniture solution and wifi-connected tablets. Designed in partnership with Customer Service Managers, ScanStation is an accessible, simple integrated system, offering a seamless customer-focused end-to-end solution.

The development of the ScanStation took into consideration four key components:


The combination of the app and furniture design ensures that customers personal documents are handled with sensitivity, and appropriate levels of privacy and security are in place. ScanStation is compliant with EU data protection and information security regulations.



 The impact of a new technology on front line staff has been carefully considered, ScanStation is designed to significantly reduce time-consuming scanning activity, freeing up front line staff to help customers in a more effective and personal manner.


The effective and affordable technology enables customers without prior knowledge or expertise to self-scan a range of documents.


The self-scanning experience sits effectively within a broader contact centre, taking into account a variety of accessibility requirements. We have designed and commissioned furniture specifically for this purpose.

ScanStation At Kirklees Council

Last year alone, Kirklees Council handled over 46,000 transactions that required some form of document scanning assistance, which in the current financial climate was considered to be unsustainable. The ScanStation app is integrated with Kirklees’ back-office system offering a seamless customer-focused end-to-end solution. It frees up the highly trained customer service operators to help more complex cases and vulnerable residents and removes the need for scans to be handled in the back-office. Early on-site research showed that around 80% of all scans could be undertaken by the customer - supported by floorwalkers - if the right solution was developed.


ScanStation supports Kirklees’ vision to be completely digital by default by 2018, whilst offering immediate and ongoing cost savings and the ability to widen access to the self-service scanning solution via partners in the future. Based on analysis, Kirklees Council expect to see 50% of scanning transactions to shift to self-service in the first year alone delivering significant savings.