My Health Tools User Videos: Setback Plans


My Health Tools has been live in Kirklees, West Yorkshire since September this year. In order to help people understand the part that the platform plays in helping them manage their long-term conditions, Kirklees Public Health have commissioned a user video.

Leaving aside the intuitive design and smart technology that My Health Tools provides, Kirklees Public Health have commissioned four videos highlighting the important difference self –management techniques can make to the everyday lives of people living with pain, breathing problems and anxiety.

These videos cover a range of topics, including:
● setback planning
● pacing
● vicious cycles
● acceptance of a long-term condition

We will be posting all of the videos onto the blog. To begin with we’re going to share the setback planning user video. Setbacks can cause stress, discomfort and, in many cases, cause a condition to worsen. Setback planning can help someone identify triggers and track patterns to help them self-manage these setbacks and avoid them from happening as often.

Don’t just take it from us, watch the video below to hear from people with long term conditions on how using a setback plan has helped them to manage their condition:



Ultimately, My Health Tools gives the person control over their condition and may reduce the need for them to visit their GP or district nurse. Setbacks can also put pressure on emergency services which is why a setback plan is such a crucial behaviour to encourage.

We are in a place where we are ready to build tailored, bespoke versions of My Health Tools to other Public Health bodies, CCGs and GP Federations. Currently, My Health Tools covers pain, anxiety and breathing. However, we are keen to evolve the product to include more long-term health conditions.

We’d love to hear your suggestions, so why not tweet us @lookinglocal with some of your idea’s on how we can continue to evolve the product. Or check out our recent blog on the future of the SelfCareHub.