Looking local celebrates Home Group’s 5000 app downloads target on #HousingDay

This week we took part in #HousingDay, the digital social media campaign that celebrates the progress and benefits of social housing and provides tenants with the opportunity to share their stories (#ProudTenant). We are proud to have worked with so many housing associations over the years and would like to share one particular example with you.


Home Group is one of the UK’s largest housing providers, founded in the North East in the 1930’s. Home Group helps provide homes for over 120,000 people a year, managing 55,000 properties in over 200 local authority areas in England, Scotland and Wales. Their overall mission is:


‘To help customers and clients to open doors to new opportunities and healthy lives’.


Home Group’s bespoke MyLandlord app is part of an overall strategy seeking to let customers contact Home Group, using the most convenient and efficient way for them & reduce telephone contact. One of the main reasons tenants need to get in touch with their landlord is to report repairs. When something isn’t working properly in your home it can be stressful and frustrating to deal with; however with the MyLandlord app, Home Group tenants are finding the experience a lot less painful.



The app (which has seen over 5000 downloads), allows tenants to send pictures along with a brief description of their repair and submit it directly to Home Group’s housing repairs portal. The push-messaging capability enables questions, confirmations and updates relating to the repair, to be sent direct to the tenant's phone, simplifying the repairs process and boosting tenant satisfaction. Home Group has found that the MyLandlord is making the repairs process for tenant’s quick and easy, which many tenants are in agreement with.


“I was kept up to date with when they were coming out by text, the app was easy and brilliant to use as you can include a photo so you don't have to go into too much depth, the repair was well done and there was no mess, it hasn't blocked again since”


“They've provided the app for me to report repairs to make it easier for customers, the jobs are always done to a good standard and the staff have a good manner”


“We just downloaded the app for the first time, put the repair through and within 45 minutes someone phoned back to tell me how long they would be, it was much better than the time I phoned in”


“On the app they are quick at responding and it wasn't a generic reply it was a personal reply so someone took the time to write that”


“When I use the app I hear from them straight away and get an appointment”


“The app is great as I don't have time to call  centres or customer services as I work full time. It's easy to get up on app and put in the repair I need doing and a little comment and they get back to you”


MyLandlord enhances the tenant experience and brings to life a new approach to engaging tenants and encouraging the use of digital communication.


MyLandlord also offers a range of other useful local and national services to help housing providers build a bespoke app to suit their tenants' needs, such as a payment module, Universal JobMatch, Universal Credit, The Money Advice Service and NHS Choices.

Click here to check out the app for yourself